Appeal to the global community of industrial AI creator


My name is Viktor Turta, 65 years old, author of a scientific discovery, world leader, 38 years i go the path of creating Industrial AI. I would have been the most terrible person in Russia for the West, because I could have made this country a technological and economic superpower if the state had supported my developments in 2006. But state did not support me and I made my developments in of sabotage by the state and opposition from the engineering community. They understood now. And they have a psychological effect on me. They stole my intellectual property. And I’m afraid that I might be forced to work for them, possibly incarcerating them. Everything is lost here, and there’s nothing I can do. But the West has created services that my industrial AI must interact with in order to bring the world economy out of the crisis. I ask for the protection of the international community if pressure is put on me here. There have already been such threats.

I use Yandex translator

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